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Free your Google storage by removing Gmail attachments.

Easily download and optionally remove Gmail attachments from many emails at once.

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Shared Source

You can find the source code for Unattach on GitHub under a shared source license. This allows everyone to see how it works, modify it for personal use, and contribute to its development.

Verified by Google

Google requires that all apps using Google APIs have been verified. Unattach has been verified and complies with the Google API User Data Policy and the Additional Requirements for Restricted Scopes.

The sign-in screen for unverified apps says "This app isn't verified". In contrast, this is how the Unattach sign-in screen example looks like.

Privacy Protected

Unattach never sends any data in your emails to external servers. For more information, see our Privacy Policy and our Limited Use Disclosure.

Attachment-Email Linking

Unattach makes it easy to find the original email using the attachment, and to find the original attachment using the email.

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Version 3.3.0, Windows/macOS/Ubuntu, T&Cs

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If you bought a previous version, you are eligible for a discounted/free upgrade.

Alternatively, you can build the app from the Unattach source code.


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