Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to share my Gmail password?

No. Authorization works through OAuth 2.0, which means that you authenticate with Google directly, and then Google gives Unattach a token, which gives it temporary permissions to your account.

Can you see my emails?

No. All personal data flows only between Gmail servers and your browser. For more info, see our plainly-written Privacy Policy.

How does Unattach work?

The app downloads the selected email from your Gmail account to your browser. Depending on your options, it also modifies the attachments in the local copy of this email, inserts the copy into your Gmail account, and then removes the original email from your Gmail account. All email metadata (like the 'Received Date') is preserved.

The app fails to load. What can I try?

Try disabling any ad blockers for the app's URL (, because they may be preventing Google authentication and communication with Gmail, both of which are essential for the app.

Can I put attachments into subdirectories?

Yes. You can upload your attachments to your Dropbox account using a custom directory structure. (Configured in Advanced Options.)

Once the files are in your Dropbox, you can use the Dropbox desktop app (which can be obtained here) to have a synchronized copy of the whole directory structure anywhere on your computer.

Why are some of my attachments not downloaded/uploaded?

This normally happens when an email contains attachments with the same filename. Unattach will still process all attachments, but the later attachments will overwrite the former ones.

A way to resolve this is to include ${EMAIL_PART} within your Filename Schema. To ensure that attachments with the same name across emails don't overwrite each other, also include ${ID:-4}, i.e. the last 4 letters of the email's ID.

It's also possible that your Attachment Filename Filter is not set to *, which means that Unattach may be filtering out some attachments.

Why is Unattach not removing attachments?

You may notice that Unattach moves the original emails to Bin, but can't see the modified emails, i.e. the ones with attachments removed.

Most email clients show the modified emails where the original ones were. The exceptions are some versions of Outlook, which show the modified emails as if they just arrived.

Within Unattach, if you press on the title of the email after its attachments have been removed, Unattach will open the modified email in Gmail's web interface. There, you can confirm that Unattach did what it was supposed to do.

By default, Unattach moves the original emails into Bin, allowing you to revert the operations in case Unattach didn't do what you expected.

Why was Google storage not freed after I removed/resized attachments?

Unattach replaces your original email with a smaller one. By default, Unattach puts the original email into Gmail's Bin. While the original email is in the Bin, no Google storage is freed.

Gmail will automatically permanently-delete the original email after it has been in the Bin for 30 days. You can also manually empty the Bin, which will immediately free your Google storage.

If you would like Unattach to permanently-delete the original email instead of putting it in the Bin, please select 'Permanently Delete Original Email' in Advanced Options.

How can multiple users use a single Pro plan account?

Reset the password for your Unattach account to a strong password that you can share with others.

Each user can use this password to sign in to Unattach, and then sign in to their own Gmail account.

I'm using Gmail with POP. Can I use Unattach?

No. Unattach will not work correctly if you also use POP to access Gmail. This is because POP moves emails from the server to your local machine, while Unattach relies on modifying existing emails on the server.

Note that it's fine if you use POP only to import into Gmail from other email accounts.

Is Google ok with Unattach?

Yes. As part of the verification process with Google, we provided information about how the app works and its source code, and Google approved the application.

I'm having trouble signing in. What could be going wrong?

The Google sign-in process relies on pop-ups and redirects. Please ensure that these are not disabled in your browser.

How do I stop attachments from opening automatically?

The simplest option is to enable the 'Zip Before Downloading' within the 'Advanced Options' of Unattach. As the name suggests, this puts each attachment into a separate zip file before downloading it. The browser will normally not open the zip file.

Your browser may also be configured to open certain types of files automatically. If you're using Chrome, you can clear such settings by going to Settings > Advanced > Downloads, and pressing on Clear for the 'Open certain file types automatically after downloading' option.

Why is email processing sometimes slow?

If your Internet connection is fast, then the most likely reason is Gmail's rate limiting. So, enjoy a coffee while Unattach does its work ☕

Why is Unattach hard to find?

Unattach is operating on a relatively low budget, and cannot afford an expensive marketing campaign. The app's ranking is slowly increasing on Google search results.

If you'd like to help others more easily discover the app, you can upvote this StackExchange post about deleting a Gmail attachment, but keeping the email (requires 15 reputation on WebApps or 200 reputation on any StackExchange site), or upvote this Quora post about bulk removing Gmail attachments.

How do I stop my Unattach subscription plan from renewing?

Press 'Manage subscription' in the app's menu (top-right).

If you subscribed through Stripe (debit/credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay), press 'Cancel plan' in the page that appears

If you subscribed through PayPal, select '42nd Universe Ltd' on the page that appears, then press 'Cancel'.

In either case, this will stop your subscription plan from renewing. You will continue getting the benefits of your subscription plan until the end of the already-paid period.

How can I revoke Unattach's permission to my Gmail?

Go to your Google account's permissions, select Unattach and then press on 'Remove Access'.

What happened to the desktop app?

We are not planning on releasing any new versions of the desktop app. If you own a copy of the desktop app, you can continue using it.

When the desktop app eventually stops working (e.g. when Gmail changes its protocol), the attachments you downloaded and any emails you updated will continue to be accessible.

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