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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to share my Gmail password?

No. Authorization works through OAuth 2.0, which means that you authenticate with Google directly, and then Google gives Unattach a token, which gives it temporary permissions to your account.

Can you see my emails?

No. Unattach never sends any data in your emails to external servers. For more information, see our Privacy Policy and our Limited Use Disclosure.

How does Unattach work?

You sign in with your Google account. The app downloads the selected emails to your computer, removes attachments from the local copies, inserts these copies into your inbox, and then removes the original emails from your inbox.

The tutorial video shows the steps in practice.

Does Unattach work with multiple Google accounts?

Yes, you can easily use it with multiple Google accounts. Simply sign out of the current account (Account menu > Sign out), and sign back in using a different account.

Note that settings are saved per every operating system (OS) account, in .unattach.properties of your OS account's home directory.

I bought a previous version. Do I pay the full price for the new one?

No. Unattach versions use the semver schema: <major>.<minor>.<patch>. Minor and patch upgrades are free, while major upgrades are either free or offered at a large discount.

Does Unattach work with Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive/etc?

Yes. While there is no first-class support for these, you can install their local sync-ing app, and then configure Unattach to save attachments within a local directory that's sync-ed with the cloud.

Note that doing so with Google Drive won't free your Google storage, since it is shared across all Google apps (Gmail, Photos, Drive, etc).

Is Google ok with Unattach?

Yes. As part of the verification process with Google, we provided information about how the app works and its source code, and Google approved the application.

Why is Unattach hard to find?

Unattach is operating on a relatively low budget, and cannot afford an expensive marketing campaign. The app's ranking is slowly increasing on Google search results.

If you'd like to help other users more easily discover Unattach, you can upvote this Quora post or this StackExchange post.


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